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Bond it like never before

How can the corporate bond market be broadened?  A question haunting since the last 20 years. In almost every other budget there is a reference to the deepening of the corporate bond markets. The two major reasons for the inactive market is-lack of enough bonds on supply side and the absence of retail level investor awareness on the demand side.

In most developed nations, the bond market is often several multiples larger than the equity market. There is a high degree of secondary market liquidity for debentures. By law, debentures are secured debt and in theory, a bondholder has strong legal recourse in case of default.

Once large companies are mandated  to raise a sizeable portion of their financing needs from  the bond market, the pressure on banks which are reeling from NPA’s will also reduce.  This move will broaden the corporate bond markets in terms of more corporates selling bonds to raise funds.

This will provide insurance companies, provident and pension funds an opportunity to invest in high yielding instruments and open up a new funding source for lower-rated companies.

The government can announce movement from ‘AA’ to ‘A’ grade ratings. Pension and provident funds as presently invested in ‘AAA’ rated securities only. It would also make it possible to raise capital for private sector infra-projects, which are currently starved of funding. Retail investors will also get a chance to invest in such projects via debt funds. There would be big risks and commensurately huge rewards too.

Many sectoral regulators can relax investment rules in their respective industries; for example, the insurance regulator might henceforth allow insurance companies to invest in ‘A’ rated bonds when the current rules draw the line at ‘AA’ rating.  One of the reasons for this is lack of takers for lower-rated and longer papers. Regulators such as PFRDA and IRDA need to liberalize investment norms for the entities they regulate, who have appetite for lower rated bonds.


Retail Investors- Investments by Individuals

Some investments are treated much like going to a department store, you can get them off-the-shelf. The difference however, is what you pay at the store, never comes back, whereas your investments payback as returns or gains. The financial market is buzzing and has offerings for every situation of your life stage, to take advantage and become prosperous and happy.

Some are aimed for short term gains like Shares of companies, others such as Fixed Deposits, PPF, Mutual Funds are designed to earn handsome returns in your later years. Still others aim for your family and property protection. Some investments save you from the tax burden, yet return over fixed periods of time.

Veritas Fin IT Solutions (franchisee of ICICI Direct), works with you personally at every step of the way, to ensure you meet your investment objectives.


Fixed Income Securities

Interest rates on Bank Fixed Deposits are sliding continuously. The retired and pensioners are facing a tough time managing their expenses. Equities are not their cup of tea at this stage. What is the best option available to them? One can look at good rated corporate bonds which give a steady interest income without compromising the safety. Most of these bonds have residual maturity( left over till maturity date) of 3-10 years with interest payments either annually or bi-annually. All one needs is to have a demat account to hold the delivery of the bonds either in primary or secondary market trades.