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Products Issuer Fixed Interest Rate Maturity Date Early Payment Date(if any) Interest Dates Unit size of each bond
Corporate Bond Power finance corporation 8.57% 21-Dec-2024 Not Applicable 15th May-Annual Rs.10 Lacs
Government Bond Govt of India 10.25% 30-May-2021 Not Applicable 30-May & 30-Nov Rs.100
Private Corporate Bond L&T Housing Finance Ltd 9.30% 24-Jul-2025 Not Applicable 25-Jul Rs.10 Lacs
Tax Free Bonds Indian railway finance corporation Ltd. 8.40% 18-Feb-2029 Not Applicable 15-April Rs.10 Lacs
Bank Bonds ICICI Bank 7.47% 25-Jun-2027 Not Applicable 27-June Rs.1000
State & Central Guaranteed Bonds Tamil nadu power finance Infrastructure development corp. 9.35% 9-Apr-2023 Not Applicable 9-Apr & 9-Oct Rs.10 Lacs
NCD’s- IPO & Secondary Market SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd. 9.50% 3 Years, 5 Years, 10 Years Not Applicable Monthly, Annual and Cumulative Rs.10,000
RBI Government Bonds (Primary Market) Government Savings ( Taxable) Bonds 7.75% 7 Years 6 Years (60 - 70) Years Ages Twice a Year Rs.100
Corporate Fixed Deposits (Primary Market) Mahindra Finance 7.50% 1 Year Not Applicable Cumulative or 31st March & 30th Sep Rs.1000

 Mutual Funds

MF Schemes Type of Funds Assets Under Management (Rs. Crore) 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years NAV as on 7th July 2018 CRISIL Rating
HDFC Balanced Fund (Growth) Balanced Fund 14,890 17.60% 11.80% 18.80% 149.06 5

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  • Annual Maintenance Charges (Cheque favoring the depository participant)